Kivanc Tatlitug actively is working on new projects

The famous actor Kivanc Tatlitug, who has been married to Basak Dizer for 4 years, said that they went together in Canakkale and celebrated their 4 years of marriage there. The actor said that they really liked and they are very happy.
In a report for TV100, Kivanc Tatlitug said the following: "We are a couple who very often run away to relax in nature." Tatlitug, who several months ago was considering proposals for filming series for digital platforms, also said that he has three projects for this period of time. In 2020, the famous actor will work in three different projects: a performance, a series to be released on a digital platform, and a film.
Tatlitug made the following statements in an interview: "The theater is in my heart again, it is always there. But with the exception of the theater there are still projects. We are at the stage of concluding a contract for the series on a digital platform. I want this series to be released this year. Most likely, in the summer I will star in the film. But the film has a completely different story. I really liked the story, because I like to play in different projects, to do a completely different job. I want to be in this film, I want to be part of it "

The fact that the offer to Kivanc Tatlitug came from the owner of OGM Pictures, Onur Güvenatam, and the series will be created for the Netflix platform, and that the actor is going to sign a contract with them, made his fans very happy. Both the theater project and the film project of the actor will be completely different, and his fans are very pleased with this.
Also, the other day, Kivanc Tatlitug took part in an advertising campaign for the Mavi jeans brand, together with the player of the Turkish national team and the footballer playing for Juventus Merih Demiral.

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