Kaan Urgancioglu, captain of the men's team in 'Look who dances' USA
The Turk, known for his role as Emir in Eternal Love, was invited to participate in the reality show alongside Ruby actress Alejandra Espinoza, who led the girls.

kaan urgancioglu look who dances
The villain of eternal Love, the Turkish Kaan Urgancioglu, has made the leap to the other side of the Atlantic to participate in the semifinal of the eighth season of the American reality show Mira who dances All Stars, held last Sunday, February 16. For this, he has traveled to Miami, where the Univisión program is recorded, which has great Latin personalities from the artistic world. He was the only Turkish representative and served as captain of the finalist boys in the last battle of the successful program.

Kaan and team faced the Mexican Alejandra Espinoza on the dance floor, protagonist of Rubí and captain of the women who had reached the final. While he led the men's team with the Spanish Adrian Lastra, of Velvet; the Cuban Pedro Moreno, Iñaki Nájera of Three times Ana; Chef Yisus, cook of the Univisión Despierta América program, and the dancers, Alejandra was leading the women with Sofía Castro, daughter of Angélica Rivera and actress in Por amor sin ley, among others; Kiara Liz, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2018, and the dancers.

Already on the set, the presenter, Chiquinquirá Delgado, gave way to the two captains, Kaan and Alejandra, and the audience did not stop cheering the Turk as soon as he saw him appear. After making a small presentation of the two actors, mentioning naturally the role of Emir in Eternal Love, which has triumphed in Latin America as in Spain, the 'Battle of Dance' began.

With a mood far removed from that evil character, Urgancioglu descended the stairs of the stage followed by his team, ready to support the boys 100% to win the battle. Face to face and separated by a symbolic fence, Kaan and Alejandra challenged each other looking into each other's eyes showing their strength against the rival. The Turkish actor did not dance, but he won the triumph of his team, that of the boys, whose dance was the winner in the challenge between men and women.

Adrián Lastra spent that night in the final along with Kiara Liz and Sofía Castro. The three will see each other's faces next weekend at the last gala of the program.

At the Lo Nuestro Awards
Kaan Urgancioglu, who is waiting for the premiere of his new series for Netflix Love 101, has remained these days in Miami to participate in several Univision spaces and act as a presenter at the Lo Nuestro Awards, where the best of music is recognized Latin During the gala, which takes place tomorrow, February 20, he will be in charge of giving a prize to a Latin American musician.

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