How Deniz Baysal and her husband distributed household chores!!

Last day, Deniz Baysal and her husband Baris Yurtcu were spotted in Nişantaşı City. Deniz Baysal, who will star in the lead role with Seckin Ozdemir in the TV series "Maids," said that the filming of the series has already begun and she is very excited about the day when their series will be aired.

Journalists asked Deniz, who will soon appear on television as a maid, the following: “How are you doing with cleaning your house?”, To which the famous actress replied: “I like to do the cleaning and do all the housework. Especially, "I wipe the dust very well. But I don’t like washing. Usually Baris is engaged in washing dishes and unfolding things."

The couple who married in the summer of 2019 answered the question about the child: “We do not think about it now. We are engaged in our  career .

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