Deniz Baysal, the protagonist of 'Mrs. Fazilet and her daughters', records a new series
The actress who plays Hazan in Mrs. Fazilet and her daughters', is a servant in Hizmetçiler (The Maids) and shares cast with Seçkin Özdemir.

Deniz Baysal the maids
The protagonist of Mrs. Fazilet and her daughters has started the recordings of her new project, a television series titled Hizmetçiler (The Maids). Based on the Mexican production of 2009 They are the joy of home, in the novel Deniz Baysal plays Ela Sönmez, one of the four maids who lead the story. The other three actresses who act as housekeepers are Algı Eke, Aleyna Solaker and Selen Domaç. They share with Yiğit Kirazcı (who has worked with Çagatay Ulusoy in the protector) and Seçkin Özdemir (Pamir Marden in I rent my love).

After the first script readings, prepared by Makbule Kosif, Gülsev Karagöz, Özer Çetinel, Ruhan Arca and Alper Alp Özgen, last January 2, the shooting of this series produced by  Yapım and directed by Metin Balekoğlu began. It will be issued shortly by Kanal D.

Hizmetçiler is a story of intrigue and drama that tells the experiences of four servants in four luxury homes in Istanbul and the relationships they have with their lords. In the Mexican version, the maids' roles were embodied by Arcelia Ramírez (Daughters of the Moon), Vanessa Bauche (The Chief of the Champion), Maya Zapata - film and television actress - and Danny Perea, sister of also actor Alex Perea .

Deniz Baysal, actress since childhood
Deniz Baysal is a long-time actress, who began her theater studies as a child. In 2011 she began her career in television and, with only 28 years, already has a fortnight of productions in her curriculum. Some of them have had an international impact, such as Söz (Promise), of 2017, where she worked with Tolga Sarıtaş, co-star alongside Cansu Dere of the recent Ferhat and Sirin, who was removed from the screen a few chapters due to lack of audience.

 We have met this popular Turkish actress for her role as Hazan, the rebel daughter of Mrs. Fazilet series. In the story, the young woman refuses to follow the guidelines of her mother who wants to turn her two daughters into models and live at the expense of their respective beauties, something she does achieve with the little girl, Ece (Afra Saraçoğlu). In the style of Pride and Prejudice, Hazan, who was greatly affected by the death of her father and is not understood with Fazilet, will be immersed in a love triangle with two young people from the rich family Egemen, Yagiz (Çaglar Ertugrul) and Sinan ( Alp Navruz).

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