The journalist of the Aksam newspaper Baris Kocaoglu spoke about the performance of Demet Ozdemir in the series The House in which you were born is your destiny. ”
“The scriptwriters stubbornly continue not to give Demet replicas ... I follow the series from the first series, and nothing changes: there is a picture, there is no sound. Demet cries, looks languidly, sometimes even gets into a pose. Only after a while it all starts to bother the audience. In which series this girl would not appear, her performance is like a pantomime. ”

And the team of the series "The house in which you were born is your destiny" sticks together!
Even outside the filming process, the actors spend time together. Demet Ozdemir and Ibrahim Chelikkol posted photos on social networks from a party with the entire cast.

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