After carrying out his military service, last January, the Dreamer Bird beau returns to public life with a trip to Milan (Italy), where he granted a television interview.

Can Yaman Italy February 2020
Although in recent months Can Yaman has been more absent than he was accustomed to his fans, the handsome Turkish actor has reappeared. He finished his military service of 21 days at the end of January and less than a month later he returns to cause sensation among his fans. This weekend he has traveled to Milan (Italy) to be interviewed on a television program, and both upon arrival at the airport and after the doors of his hotel, his attraction has not been reduced in the least compared with his acclaimed tour of Europe this summer.

Can landed in Malpensa on Friday 22, wearing his new image with short hair, although already somewhat more grown than when he finished the mili, and letting himself grow mustache and beard, in his most genuine style. Dressed in sunglasses with somewhat transparent crystals, the actor stopped, as is usual in him, to photograph himself with the fans that crowded around, until the police had to take him, just as it happened during his visit to Madrid.

Can Yaman projects
On Sunday, Yaman was invited to a talk show on Channel 5, Live - Non è la d’Urso, presented by Bárbara d'Urso. The actor, who chose a black leather jacket with rocker air with badges and inscriptions, spoke in a fluent Italian with the journalist, with whom he was quite relaxed. He told his experience in the military service, talked about his new image with which he said he was very satisfied and announced his next projects: it will be the image of a famous clothing firm and later will be integrated into the production of Faruk Turgut, which both announced months ago.

After the great success he has reaped with Dreamer Bird and Dolunay, Can this summer began a tour of Italy, Greece and France, where he was increasingly acclaimed by his followers. But it was in Spain, how far he traveled at the end of November to participate in the Telecinco program See you again, where it really caused a revolution, to the point that he had to be escorted by the police.

After that trip, some criticisms arose in his country as he was accused of having paid him to the people waiting for him at the airport, which proved uncertain. Nor was his meeting with Javier and Pilar Bardem at the AISGE, of which the actress is president, welcomed, for fear that Yaman wanted to export the idea of ​​the defense of copyright for artists advocating the Spanish association and that does not occur in Turkey.

Thus, after that campaign against him, the attractive artist departed a little from public life, until he entered military service and was seen at the barracks. Now he returns to his public life as he used to us.

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