Bergüzar Korel is sincere in an interview a few days before giving birth

The Turkish actress, protagonist of The Thousand and One Nights with her husband Halit Ergenç, offers a sincere interview to a magazine in her country and publishes her second album.

Berguzar korel pregnant eight months

There are few days left before the beautiful actress illuminates her second child, the result of her marriage to Halit Ergenç. But, as active as ever, Bergüzar Korel has been encouraged to give an interview to a renowned media outlet in her country and to pose showing her bulging eight-month belly. Hürriyet Kelebek magazine, through the journalist Hakan Gence, shows the most sincere and sensitive side of the future mother, who has also just published her second album, 'Aykut Gürel presents Bergüzar Korel 2'.

The Turkish actress embarked on the project to release a first musical album four years ago. "I was glad to know that you are still listening and, when I saw Aykut Bey (Gürel) during my pregnancy, we said 'Let's do it again!'", That's how it has been encouraged now to publish a second album. It contains versions sung by herself of songs of jazz and Turkish music of the 80s or 90s, performed by male voices, which they have chosen because both the composer and she were attracted to them. "Their voice tones with mine change, of course, but the most stressful thing is to take responsibility for singing songs that we are very familiar with."

Berguzar korel second album

Bergüzar conquered success as a young woman, soon married Halit Ergenç and had her first child, Ali. Therefore, she is aware that in some moments she has been afraid to live so fast. "When I look at my photos at that time, when I was 23, I feel some anxiety; at that age I would have liked to live lighter, take things less seriously," she says. But she also admits that in her family she has always prioritized getting used to the things that life brings: "I have not been very rebellious and I try to be happy in every moment; man is made to everything, we must not grow too much."

Asked about how she defines herself and what she likes to do at home, she replies: "I am disciplined but very lazy and slow in some things. I love making cookies, cakes and having guests. If I work, I sleep all day. And I am an obsessed woman with adjusting the daily routine based on my child's departure time from school. " He also confesses that he likes to sew and that when he watches movies, he shouts "to television, like the old ones", but when it comes to animals and children he transforms.

A few days after becoming a mother for the second time, Korel opens up to the journalist and confesses that: "The first pregnancy I lived too fast, I was impatient to meet the baby; now I enjoy every day, every moment that moves inside me Sometimes I would like him to stay a little longer in there, at this moment it's just him and me, and that excites me a lot, it's like I protect him from what's out there. "

The actress feels that this second child has changed her as a person, which has made her mature, strengthen and have a lot of patience. "The support of Ali, my oldest son, is essential in this, his sensitivity to me and how he expects the arrival of his brother with such emotion," she details. And that leads her to reflect on what the brothers will be like: "We have raised a compassionate and loving person, they will be friends for a lifetime, I am sure they will support each other and never let go."

As for her husband, Halit Ergenç, Bergüzar says that nothing in this process is costing her, that he is a great support for her and that she never feels alone. The two, along with Ali, have made an exchange of ideas for the name of the new baby: "But he still does not have it, he will have it when he arrives, it will be a simple and calm and at the same time powerful name, like Ali".

Happy to be surrounded by three men at home, the actress and singer has one goal with her children: "accompany them on their journey in life to become good individuals."

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