Beren Saat, new season of 'The gift' and voice of a Netflix documentary
The protagonist of Fatmagül continues to triumph with the second Turkish series for Netflix, The gift, and doubles the British series Night on Earth from the same platform.

Beren Saat Atiye The gift
She was already one of the most sought-after Turkish actresses in her country , but the success of this charismatic artist continues to grow. After starring in the second Turkish series for Netflix, The gift, and achieving with it a large audience internationally, it is about to premiere the second season and, in addition, it has just been announced that there will be a third. Beren Saat is thus conquering the digital platform, where she has also recently voiced a documentary about nature.

As announced, the third season in the history of Atiye (Beren Saat) and Erhan (Mehmet Günsür) - a painter and an archaeologist who discover that they have a common past linked to the historic Göbeklitepe monastery, the oldest on earth -, it will start recording very soon. The release date of the second one, which apparently would have been agreed upon when the project started, is not yet known. The followers of the first eight chapters eagerly claim the continuation and trust that it will arrive soon.

After being three years away from the screens waiting for a project that would excite her, Beren has been right with her choice. The first season was recorded in just two months, between April and June last year. And the chapters of the second and the third are occupying, and will continue to do, their second half of last year and this 2020. The success, since its premiere on December 27, has been unbeatable, and Beren has been chosen to win some awards, such as the Honor Award at the Altınyıldız Stars of the Year, for her role as Atiye.

Beren Saat, Turkish voice of the documentary Night on Earth

But linking Beren Saat with Netflix goes further. The digital platform has seen in it a reef and has also recently commissioned the dubbing of a new documentary of British nature, Night on Earth, which tells everything that happens in nature when the sun sets. The Turkish is the voice of the six-episode mini series for her country.

Meanwhile, the personal life of the protagonist of Fatmagül and forbidden Love also continues to be strong. Her marriage to Kenan Doğulu, whom she married in July 2014, is stronger than ever, having suffered a crisis in recent times.

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