Asli Enver won the love in the hearts of viewers thanks to the series "Istanbul Bride", where she played the role of Sureya. Enver currently plays the role of Ayse in the series "Babylon", broadcast on Star TV, although from the very beginning this series was prepared in digital format for broadcast on the Internet. We met with the successful actress Asli Enver and talked to her about the series Babylon.

Welcome Ayse... I say "Ayse" and start our conversation with the series "Babylon". After the first episode of the series was released on social networks, several comments appeared that Ayse's character is not very noticeable. What was your motivation and what interested you when you accepted the project?
- Actually, I was thinking about taking a break for a while, since I worked very hard for three seasons. But when I read the script for the Babylon series, I liked the story of Ayse’s character. Today, when choosing a project, I always try to pay attention to giving preference to different characters. And, of course, a good script, cast, director and production company are also important elements for me. Everything was so good in the script of the Babylon series that I had no choice but to accept this project. The script included an unfamiliar situation, both for me and for viewers: in the 3-4 episodes, I had very few scenes. But always the main script and the mystery of the character opens at the most amazing and necessary moment in the whole story. Participation in the story of the series, where there is a deep meaning, is sometimes much more important than being the only woman in the whole story. I also understand the reaction of viewers, but our story is so diverse and beautiful that I will say that they need to be patient a little. Over time, they will more clearly see the transformation of Ayse.

A delightfully fighting scene of Ayse, after the scene in the Bepanthol commercial where you starred in the fighting scene ... We remember you in your last role as a sweet and harsh Sureya. Have you been specially trained for these scenes?
-We have Master Kivanch who teaches us special fighting techniques for our combat scenes on the set, we worked with him in front of the stage. And since I really love myself, I enrolled in the gym and started working on myself with a trainer. I do boxing, I have a lot of fun and it really relaxes and motivates me.

Recently on the agenda in the press there was news about you that in the commercial you appeared with impressive battle scenes. How was this situation?
- I was very excited when the script for the commercial came to me. I liked that it was a type of action movie, a genre in which I had never starred before. We worked with a very good team for three days, and in the end we had a mini-movie. And I was very happy about his release.

The series "Babylon" started very well and continues to be broadcast with the same success on Friday night on TV. Did you foresee this situation? What did you think when you first read the script for the Babylon series?
-When I first read the script for the Babylon series, I was very excited about the script. When I read the script at that stage, I asked such questions: “If it were me, would I be able to do this?”, “I wonder how many times I would do this to me to do this?”, “What is this predicament such? "... Our script writers also speak a very fluent scripting language. When the script was first sent to me, I read the script of three episodes in one go, this situation is still ongoing. I can say that the pace of the history of the series "Babylon" is too high.

There is a separation of roles, technically we can call it an “ensemble”, which can be translated as: “the unity of actors playing characters of the same weight”, but the main story of the series is Irfan (Halit Ergenc) and Egemen (Ozan Güven). What do you say about the character Ayse?
-I would say that these two characters Irfan and Egemen complement each other. A very beautiful combination of two angles, I like to read scenes of both. Their energy in the scenes is very high, and they have games that each time are held with improvisation. It is very pleasant and fun to work with them. As for Ayse, she is a very strong and somewhat mysterious character. I can say that Ayse’s story will begin very soon. It’s nice for me that the character of Ayse is different from the characters that I have played so far, but she has a strong feminine trait that excites me.

Speaking of a strong woman, what kind of relationship will we see between Irfan and Ayse?
- First of all, Ayse is very curious, so from the very beginning she begins to show curiosity for Irfan. Especially when she finds out about the predicament in which he lives, and becomes even closer to him. We will see that they begin to take care of each other in a difficult process that develops very quickly and cannot be interfered with. But they found themselves in a situation in which they had never been. And what will happen then, let it be a surprise for viewers.

As I said earlier, the staff of the Babylon series is very impressive. The production company Ay Yapım creates and releases amazing projects, especially in the last period of time we very often hear about their successes, and we congratulate them on this event. What is it like to be in a project where everyone is a “star”?
-Yes, the cast of the Babylon series is very strong, each actor is very suitable for his role, and this is great, because there are actors who take on the role and fully get used to it. This is a great pleasure for both the actor and the viewers. I think the chemistry of all the characters sticks together. This is the first time I am working together on a project with all of them, for me it is a very exciting situation. I play in the series with fellow friends, whom I always liked to watch on the screens, of course, this is invaluable to me.

I hope that your project will go on TV for a very long time. But before the broadcast of the series, someone said that you will leave the project. Why do you think such rumors appeared?
- The series "Istanbul Bride" was a very special project for me. It was a very long work, just recently we completed the series. We received very good and pleasant reviews for our work. I honestly did not think at all that I would star in the series for such a short period of rest. When I was asked to shoot in the series Babylon, I was excited that the project was made in digital format, and the character Aisha was a mysterious and strong character. Since it was a digital project, I accepted it because the timing of the project was clear and I liked my character. Since after they decided to broadcast our project on the national channel, our producer gave us a couple of days to think. Therefore, I think it is very natural that such news appears in this process. But the production company, and the team, and the history of the series already attracted me then ....

And finally, do you have other projects?
-There is a movie project, but it's too early to talk about it. I hope that we will meet with you again and talk about it.

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