"Ambassador's Daughter" repeats the fate of the series "Mrs fazilet and her daughters"

How will the story develop in the series? What will Nare do? What will become of Sancar and Gediz? Viewers will find out the answers in episode 8, which will be released on Monday. However, the project has come to a standstill.

Opinions about the main pair of the series, Nare and Sancar, which were embodied on the screen by Neslihan Atagul and Engin Akyurek, turned out to be ambiguous and contradictory. However, no one expected that the center of the narrative would shift from this couple, whose love we had been watching from the first episodes, to the new hero, Gediz Yshykly, performed by Uraz Kaygilaroglu, who managed to revive the audience’s interest in the series and loudly declare himself: “ I am also the main character! ”

As a result, the character of Uraz became the most popular topic for discussion after the release of each new episode. On social networks, most of the comments are dedicated to him, the audience was captivated by his charisma and celebrate the actor’s excellent game. Also, the fans of "The Ambassador's Daughter" were also impressed by the character of Gediz Yshykly, because of which many continue to watch the series precisely for the sake of this hero, and not the main couple. Many fans do not see the future between Nare and Sancar, while viewers are extremely curious to know where the feelings of Nare and Gediz will lead. Thus, the fans of the series split into two camps: for a couple of Nare and Sancar and for a couple of Nare and Gediz. The second clan is significantly larger. The scriptwriters, of course, follow the comments on social networks, but no one can know what direction they will turn the plot. Undoubtedly, Nare will remain a heroine capable of solving any equation, but Gediz will remain a more curious character for the audience than Sancar. But they should still remember the sad experience of another series, which ended up in a similar situation. In the series “Mrs Fazilet and Her Daughters” we followed the development of the love triangle Sinan, Hazan and Yagiz, but which caused the series to make a premature ending, and the fans were divided into two camps.

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