Turkish TV series: Phoenix / Zumruduanka (2020)

Original title: Zümrüdüanka
Production: Pastel Film
Producer: Yaşar Irvül / Yaşar İrvül
Director: Cemal Şan
Screenwriter: Can Sinan
Genre: Drama
Premiere: From January 25, 2020 on the FOX TV channel

Serhat is the heir to one of the richest families of Nevsehir. Demircanlars own vast lands, sand pits. Serhat and Uncle Adil work side by side, after the death of his parents, he replaced his father. Once Serhat falls in love with the beautiful Zümrüt, who works in one of their factories. Young people are going to get married. But first, Serhat wants to serve in the army, then tell his family about his beloved girlfriend. The company of Serhat is transferred to Syria, where they fall under fire. The Serhat family is informed of his death, all in mourning. Zümrüt in despair. Once Adil also falls in love with Zümrüt, decides to marry her, despite the age difference, he is much older than her. And mother Zümrüt, an ambitious woman who dreams of becoming rich, makes her marry him. On the wedding day, Adila and Zümrüt suddenly, as if resurrected, Serhat returns and finds out that his uncle and beloved are getting married ...

Alp Navruz - Serhat
 Ceren Yılmaz - Zümrüt
Hatice Aslan - Ulfet
Ayten Uncuoğlu - Azimet
Selim Bayraktar - Abbas
Umut Karadaг - Adil
Miray Akay - Meliha
Sebahat Kumaş - Saniyah
Serhat Özcan - Rustem
Elif Çakman - Nevjihan
Ebrar Baba - Songyul

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