Turkish series: The house you were born in is your fate / Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir (2019)

Original title: Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir
Production: OGM Pictures
Producer:  Onur Güvenatam
Director:  Çağrı Bayrak
Screenwriter: Eylem Canpolat
Genre: Drama
Premiere: December 25, 2019 on TV8

The series is based on the novel "Camdaki Kız / Girl at the Window" by Dr. Gyulseren Budaigioglu, from whose pen also came out the plot of the series "istanbullu gelin." The plot is based on real events.

Zeynep is a young law student who is stuck between two different lives and mothers. She is crushed by the sacrifices made by one mother for her sake, and she is also trying to fulfill the dreams of another mother. Zeynep for many years trying to please both of them and wonders what family she really belongs to ..
Mehdi is a young man who takes care of the family and has taken responsibility of the entire district. He is reliable, courageous and honest, and at the same time, a very lonely person. He won the love of the whole area, but he cannot please only his maternal grandmother. To fill the void in the soul, Mehdi fills his life with revenge for his father. And the mother, in order to get her son out of this darkness, decides to immediately marry him with a girl from the area.
On his birthday, Zeynep receives an offer from Faruk, his boyfriend. However, this proposal actually brings her closer to Mehdi step by step. From now on, the time has come to pay off her mother for her sacrifice. Zeynep again realizes that fate itself leads them, it is not always possible to follow its plans. She again appears in the house in which she was born. Zeynep and Mehdi will try to heal the wounds and become each other’s home ...

Previously, the series was announced under the name "My Home / Evim"

İbrahim Celikkol - Mehdi
Demet Özdemir - Zeynep
Fatih Koyunoğlu
Ayça Erturan
Nurshim Demir
Zuhal Gencer
Engin Hepileri

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