Sefirin Kizi will upset its fans!

Next Monday, Sefirin Kizi  won't be on the screen. The series, which makes the channel's face smile with the ratings it receives, will take a week off from its screen journey.The new episode of Sefirin Kizi  will air On Monday, January 13th.

Sefirin Kizi l, starring Neslihan Atagul, Engin Akyurek and Uraz Anxietlaroglu, made a quick entrance to the season.

The series, which was highly discussed with the first episode, increased its ratings even further in the following episodes.
There's a news that's going to upset fans for the show that made Star TV happy.

The new episode of Sefirin Kizi, which screens on Mondays, was expected to air on Monday (January 6th).But the New Year's holiday has entered. The new episode of Sefirin Kizi  will be screened on Monday, January 13th.

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