Sefirin Kizi Summary of Episode 6 - Synopsis


Nare is looking for a way to get rid of Akin forever

Friends, even while in prison, think only of Nare. He is still not free, Nare is still in danger, and his friends have no choice but to fight, hurting each other.
In the end, the police grab Necdet. Sancar, having used all his abilities, makes sure that Necdet gets into the same cell with them. When he finds out that Necdet was hired by his mother, the world falls upon his head. Sancar got another stab in the back.

While friends both have confidence in themselves and their families, Sancar reassures only one thing. He is in prison, which means Nare is safe ...
However, the real danger is very close to Nare. Akin secretly sneaks into Gediz's house to corner Nare.
And Nare is completely lonely, since her friends are in prison, however, to fight with Akin, she does not need Sancar or Gediz. Because Nare, who alone fought with Akin for many years, found a way to get rid of him forever ...

Episode 7 will air on February 3 at 8 p.m. on Star TV

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