Ambassador's daughter / Sefirin Kizi - Episode 6, description and photo

Sancar states that the partnership is over, but fate simply laughed at his decision. Forces of fate make it so that two friends can stay in prison, even in the same cell, for many, many years.
Two friends who could not part because of the ambassador’s games must do one more thing before they go to prison - to find those who attacked Nare. And until they find those who attacked her, they do not notice either relatives or imminent imprisonment.
Police seize all property of Sancar and Gediz. Thus, the Efeoglu family loses the mansion. Halisefe again with a bowed head leaves the mansion in which she was once sheltered. And besides, now she has to live in the same house with Nare and look at her face in bruises. The bruises that were precisely because of her and appeared on Nare's face.
And Nare, on the one hand, is trying to cope with the trauma caused after the attack, and on the other hand, she is trying to help in the absence of Sancar and Gediz. Because she is sure that her beloved people are innocent ...

Episode 6 will be aired on January 27 at 8 p.m.  on Star TV

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