Ozcan Deniz's son  Kuzey received an expensive promotional offer

A well-known manufacturer of beds offered the famous actor and his young son an advertising contract in the amount of 2 million lire. The actor reacted positively to it, deciding to put the money in the bank into his son's account, to ensure his future.

This is not the first time advertising cooperation between this company and Ozcan Deniz has been. Last year, a commercial was released, directed by the actor himself. Thanks to this advertising campaign involving a well-known actor, the company's sales increased significantly, which is why satisfied businessmen decided to make another advertising proposal to Deniz. In the new video, attention will be focused on the children's room, and the main character will be the baby Kuzey, the son of Deniz from Feiza Aktan, who will first appear in front of the cameras.

Meanwhile, the actor earns not only from filming in commercials, but also from re-showing scenes with his participation in the series.

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