Only one thing can save “Love Trap/ Afili Ask”

Only one thing can save “Love Trap/ Afili Ask”

The series with Burcu Ozberk and Caglar Ertugrul in the lead roles, aired in the summer on Wednesdays on Channel D, is losing its audience. In order for “Afili Ask” not to be taken off the air, fans write messages in support of their favorite series on social networks.

However, the series is going through difficult times, not only because of the appearance of competitors, but also because of the loss of its script attractiveness.

 One of the journalists of the Milliyet Cadde newspaper, Sina Kologlu, offers the only solution that can save the series from a premature ending: “There are opportunities to continue filming. But if they are suitable for comedy ... If there was a drama in the series, then it would definitely be watched for a long time. Reduce the time to one hour to watch everyone calm down. ” It is not yet known whether the duration of the series will actually be reduced, but the ratings more and more clearly indicate the problems of this project.

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