Kerem Bursin instead of Uraz Kaygılaroğlu

Actors Kerem Bursin and Nilperi Sahinkaya together will take part in the series "Aynen Aynen." This news is unexpected, since initially the main roles were played by Nilperi Sahinkaya and Uraz Kaygهlaroglu. However, this actor, referring to employment in the series "The Ambassador's Daughter", refused his role in "Aynen Aynen." Nilperi announced that he would be replaced by Kerem Bursin, and noted: “We are starting a new adventure with my colleague Kerem!” They have already starred together in the series Lifeless.

And according to fans of the actor, he did absolutely right, because the audience liked the audience “The Ambassador's Daughter” even more than the lead actor Engin Akyurek. The name of the hero Uraza Kaygilaroglu tweeted in the TOP of the most discussed topics of the day.

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