Ibrahim Çelikkol and his wife, first images with their baby
The protagonist of black and white Love   and his wife, Mihre Mutlu, share a photograph identical to the one taken shortly before having their baby, but this time with Ali in his arms.

ibrahim celikkol and mihre multu with their son ali

As original as always sharing images, the handsome Turkish actor Ibrahim Çelikkol and his wife, the architect Mihre Mutlu, have published in their social networks the first photograph where they can see their baby, Ali, of almost two months. It is an image where both appear in the same posture, the same clothes and in the same place as another that they published in their networks just before the little one arrived in the world. The only difference is that in that one, Mihre sported her prominent pregnant belly and now on her belly and flat is the baby's small body in her mother's arms. The same looks between the couple, the same black and white tone of the photo and the same happiness in both images.

Little Ali, the couple's first child, was born on December 5. That day, the actor also shared on Instagram some photographs of the time of delivery, with his wife in the operating room and he with the hospital's blue robe. Later, some spontaneous photos, taken by some admirer, of the couple and their baby in the snow could be seen. The happy family had gone to spend a few days at the Turkish ski resort Kartalkaya, although on that occasion they did not show their baby, who was in the cart. Now we have not been able to see Ali's face, but his little body.

Success in television and cinema
This great personal moment has come to Ibrahim when he is also living a successful professional stage. He is currently recording Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir (I was born at home) with Demet Özdemir, a series that premiered on the Turkish TV8 network with a good audience on December 25. Just two days after that premiere, the actors, who play Mehdi and Zeynep, respectively, attended an event organized by the chain's owner, Acun Ilicali.

Recently the couple has been invited to a Turkish television program, but Demet has only been able to attend, as Ibrahim is also currently recording an ambitious Iranian Turkish film, Mest i ask (Intoxicated by love), on the historical figure of Celalettin Muhammand Belhi, known as Rumi. In it Çelikkok plays Commander Iskender, a character that has been a great job of preparation and characterization. The film, which has other known names on Turkish television such as Bensu Soral (Içerde) and Hande Erçel, which stars in the new Azize series with Bugra Gülsoy, will premiere this year.

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