Hercai Summary of Episode 30 - Synopsis

Miran gets to mother's letter
Filipos declares that he is fulfilling the last will of his father, so he came to the Aslanbeev mansion. According to him, in fact, the ring for Dilshah was ordered by Khazar Shadoglu. All eyes turn to Aziza. But Aziza was unprepared for this situation, and now must make difficult choices to make Miran believe her again. However, Miran no longer believes her grandmother, and her choice puts him in an even greater impasse.
Reyan one step closer to her goal - to prove the innocence of her father. And Shyukran, who learned about Aziza’s ruthless plan of revenge, also becomes part of it. Shyukran's words about his daughter, like a bomb falling into the yard of Aslanbeev.
Miran gets even more confused when each person tells his version of events in the past. He does not want to admit that for so many years he believed in lies.
Harun asks Hanifa to find the Dilshah letter, which was lost in the Shadoglu mansion. She searches all around and finds him in Yaren's room. Hanife passes the letter to Harun, but he instructs to give it to Hazar. Having again received a letter from Dilshah asking for help, Khazar goes to the cemetery and, bitterly grievous about the past, tries to find the right solution. At the same time, Miran brings grandmother Shukran to the grave of Dilshah. There they encounter Miran. Miran furiously attacks Khazar, demanding an answer, how dare he come to the grave of his mother, whom he himself killed. And Khazar in response gives him a letter from Dilshah ... The world of Miran has staggered ... What will he do now? Will Khazar believe, because Miran recognized his mother’s handwriting?

Episode 30 will air on January 31 at 8 p.m.  on Atv

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