The fire on the estate opens the doors of the past

Azize, whose most beloved granddaughter was taken, to hurt Nasuh, sets fire to the estate, not knowing that Elif is there. The news of the fire as if a bomb falls in the families of Aslanbey and Shadoglu. Although Azize is afflicted by the news that Elif was on the estate during the fire, she blames the Sultan for everything.
Miran breaks through the door of the room and pulls Rayan and Elif out of the fire trap. And then  saves Azat. Azat comes to his senses and tells Miran that now he is in great debt to him and will not forget this.

 Miran and Reyan, who could barely escape death, are drawing closer together. This time it was Miran’s turn to console Reyan, who gave in to despair. In order not to upset Reyan, secretly from her, Miran investigates who set the fire on the estate.
After the fire, Nasuh begins to roam the quiet streets of the past. Having put the castle on the estate, trying to put out the fire burning in his heart, Nasuh was going to forget about everything, but the doors of the past had already opened and he was slowly heading to the story of revenge.

Zehra realizes that Azize will stop at nothing and to threaten her with a letter that is in her hands. Azize is tied hand and foot.
Caught in connection with the fire and its recognition causes a stir. This incident completely ruins the relationship of Miran and Azize.
And the unexpectedly arrived guest takes Miran and Reyan a step closer to the truth, and Azize puts in a difficult position ...

Episode 29 will air on January 24 at 20.00  on Atv

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