Azise’s revenge is over!
After reading a letter to her mother, Miran, of course, first goes to her grandmother to demand an answer. Let her read and tell him the truth! Azize, as always, tries to find an excuse, but the Sultan confirms the authenticity of the letter, she tells Miran that his mother was with her and wrote all this. What will Miran do now, realizing that his life is built on lies?
Azize is cornered, she receives another menacing anonymous note. Frightened, she attacks Hanifa, accusing her of betrayal and blackmail. However, she manages to convince Azize that she is not relevant to this case. Returning from a meeting with Azize Hanife encounters Reyyan. What will Hanifah answer to Reyyan's surprised question about what she does at such a late hour on the street?
After the incident, Hazar is confident that Azize Aslanbey’s revenge is now over.
Just like Reyan, who believes that Azize will no longer be able to powder Miran’s brains with her lies.
And what will Azize do, how to get out of this situation? What new insidious plans spin in her head?

Episode 31 will air on February 7 at 8 p.m.  on Atv

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