Hazal Subasi and Riza Kocaoglu hand in hand

Popular actors Hazal Subasi and Riza Kocaoglu hand in hand their love on the set of the series "Cukur", in which they play the roles of Nehir and Alico. Rumors about their romance recently spread, but they preferred to remain silent, and Hazal Subasi's fans did not believe the rumors, dreaming of reconciliation with Ercan Meric, whom she had met for two years. But lovers, hand in hand, fell into the lenses of journalists on the street and answered a couple of questions, putting an end to the omissions and openly declaring their love.

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Reporter: Congratulations to you ...
Riza Kocaoglu: And with what?
Reporter: Well, with the start of a new relationship. Another pair formed on the set.
Riza Kocaoglu: Ah, yes, thanks.
Reporter: Ms. Hazal, did you turn red when you saw us?
Hazal Subasi: No, why is this?
Reporter: Tell us how long have you been dating, how did the romance begin?
Riza Kocaoglu: Let's talk about it another time, now is not the place and not the time. I can only say that we are very happy together.

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