Hande Erçel made a big decision after Azize!

- Famous actress Hande Erçel, can not carry the big impact on social media to the screen ... Erçel, followed by more than 11.5 million people on Instagram, could not prevent the ratings of her latest series.Hande Erçel fans follow the beautiful actress wildly on social media, but when it comes to watching the show on the screen, leaving her alone.The actress, who made a big break with selin in The Sunshine Girls, also proved herself with Love Doesn't Understand Words.

However, she had great difficulties in her last series. The black pearl was a production that was criticized and was short-lived.She found herself in The Ring, but this time the series didn't make it past one season.In the series Azize, all the weight was placed on her shoulders, and she performed well, but fell short of expectations in the ratings.Azize, also seen as a project to bring erçel's social media power to the screen, has shown that erçel's idea of attracting social media power to the screen is also wrong.Hande Erçel will be more cautious at the point of accepting the projects coming from now on.The actress, who will take rest , decided not to appear in tv shows and movies. so she's not interested in offers.
Erçel, 'with his lover Murat Dalkilic will focus on  'Dollyphant' cartoon project .  .

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