Halit Ergenç returns to Turkish television with 'Babil'
Halit Ergenç  stars Babil, which starts on the Turkish chain Star TV on January 17.

The Renowned actor Halit Ergenç opens this week his new series, Babil (The choice ). It will be on January 17 at 8 pm on the screens of the turkish Star TV network. It is the actor's first job after a year away from the small screen. The last thing he did was Vatanım Sensin (I will love you forever) also with his wife, Bergüzar Korel.

In the cast, Halit is accompanied by Ozan Güven, an actor who starred in 2017 Fi alongside Serenay Sarikaya; the renowned British nationalized Turkish actress Asli Enver as a female protagonist, and the remembered Birce Akalay of  black and whiteLove . The story, whose filming began in mid-November and later announced that the broadcast channel was modified, revolves around Irfan, a professor of economics at the university, who is suddenly fired from his job, something he considers unfair, and you should also take care of your sick child. In his fight, he will end up in the middle of a dark adventure.

Halit's character is a loving, idealistic, intelligent, charismatic and humble father who feels very upset about his dismissal. "Once I fell and swore: I'm going to kick this miserable, cruel and despicable world," he says in his presentation. His wife, Eda (Nur Fettahoglu) is passionate, intriguing, good mother but dangerous enemy. The protagonist, Asli Enver, plays Ayse, the assistant of the businessman Süleyman (Mesut Akusta), a kind, honest and good young woman.

Birce Akalay is Ilay, a sophisticated and distant woman
For his part, Egemen (Ozan Güven) is Irfan's best friend, funny, cunning, opportunistic and dangerous. "I will be the winner, not the loser of this story!" Are his words. The woman who plays Birce Akalay is in this case very different from that balanced, hardworking and straight Doctor of  black and whiteLove. This is Ilay, lover of Süleyman and former friend of Irfan, attractive, sophisticated and distant.

The series, directed by Uluç Bayraktar - in charge of Ezel and Içerde and two other great Turkish productions such as Çarpisma and Karadayi-, has 13 episodes of between 70 and 80 minutes each.

While he continues to succeed on television, Halit Ergenç looks forward to the arrival of his second son, ten years after Ali was born, the first he had with his wife Bergüzar Korel. The couple is very often seen together, either in official events or on a city walk, and they are always very affectionate. One of his last departures has been in Nişantaşı, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Istanbul. In addition, Bergüzar recently wore her pregnant belly on Instagram, sharing the impatience for the arrival of her second male with all her followers.

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