Faruk Turgut: We became victims of the charm of Can Yaman

Experts discussed the future of TV shows in the framework of “Conversations at TRT Academy”, organized with the assistance of the TRT channel and the faculty of telecommunications at Uskudar University. Well-known producer Faruk Turgut also took part in this conversation and introduced the recognition of actor Can Yaman.

Faruk Turgut emphasized that significant changes are taking place in television culture, and said: “Private broadcasting first appeared in 1993, and until 2012, it was a heyday. After 2012, all series, after a certain period of broadcasts, inevitably face a decrease in spectator interest. It is also obvious that a large proportion of viewers prefer to watch TV shows on the Internet, on digital platforms, because viewers do not want to sit for long on TV screens. Therefore, the release of series in the traditional format is a serious risk. We are now preparing for the necessary transition to digital space. ”
Moreover, Faruk Turgut pointed out the importance of the content of the series themselves. He said the following: “If the content of the series has value, then its chances of posting on the Internet platform increase significantly. However, the series offered by Internet platforms have their own peculiarity. Our century is a century of speed. People do not want to watch a series of 140 minutes. They prefer to watch TV shows, where the narrative is clearer and faster. From this point of view, filling online serials satisfies these requirements. In the future, the difference between the series will be more noticeable. It is necessary to follow global trends. ”

The producer also touched on the character created by Can Yaman in the series "Early Bird". Turgut noted: “I noticed that recently the quality of romantic comedies has increased. I created three series with Demet Ozdemir. When the “Early Bird” series came to me, I was about to release another series with Can Yaman. However, noting the interaction of the two actors, on reflection, he came to the conclusion that the project was successful. It is especially important to carefully think over the character. "
The producer, in addition, stated the following: “Previously, Can starred in four series, but not one of them made such an impression. The reason lies in its stylish appearance, which the creators of the series meticulously worked out: his hair, body language, style of clothing. Honestly, I did not even think that this could have such an effect, but it turned out to be even more than necessary. We became victims of his charm. For the first time, a hero from a romantic comedy managed to impress so much! ”


  1. Can Yaman y Demet Özdemir, excelentes personas y actores!!! Erkenci Kus, hermosa serie. Una pena cómo terminó


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