Ebru Sahin, the happy news has come!

'Hercai' series star Ebru Sahin, Dizi TV gave clues about the upcoming episodes of the series.

Two-week intervening 'Hercai' series's fans will delight the news came from the series's Reyya' Ebru Sahin.The beautiful actress, 'Hercai' hints about the upcoming episodes gave the Dizi TV.


Ebru Sahin, about the later episodes of the series , "I do not know what will happen in the coming episodes.

There's a good trend going right now. We're seeing some nice love-filled episodes.I think we're going to go on like this a little longer.
There's always love, but there are breakups.I can't say anything right now for the next chapters.I can say that very good things will happen on the Reyyan and Miran front, "he said.
Beautiful actress said:"Thank you all very much for your support.Thank you very much, thank you very much," he said, expressing his gratitude to his fans.

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