Ebru Sahin, Akin Akınözü and other actors from 'Hercai' congratulate the fans in a video
The protagonists Reyyan and Miran and many more characters of the novel that ATV emits every Friday at 20:00 pm , wish us Happy 2020 with a video on social networks.

Ebru Sahin and Akin Akinozu Hercai
After its premiere on ATV  ,Hercai  has already achieved great success in its country Turkey, and in others where it has been issued or It is still broadcast. With the affection that the public already professes towards Reyyan, Miran and the other characters, they have now approached a little more to the actors who interpret them thanks to a friendly and close message of congratulation for this New Year addressed to all their followers.

A good part of the cast has wanted to wish a happy New Year 2020 and, thanks to new technologies and social networks that make everything closer and friendly, they have shared a video where with their own words they launch their best wishes for the year that enters.

In it, we can see from the protagonists Ebru Sahin - who plays Reyyan Şadoğlu-, and Akin Akınözü - in the series, Miran Aslanbey -, to Ayda Aksel - the protagonist's grandmother, Azize -, Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar - who embodies Azat, in love with Reyyan-, Macit Sonkan -the Patriarch Nasuh-, Gülçin Santırcıoğlu -the ambitious Sultan- and the other members of the two main families of the story, including the girl Ebrar Alya Demirbilek, sister of Reyyan and younger member of the Şadoğlu, who closes the video with her tender words.

Hercai, a mixture of the past and the present in Turkey
The history of Hercai mixes ancient Turkish traditions with modern life in that country and revolves around a story of love and revenge between two families, the Şadoğlu and the Aslanbey, where matriarchs and patriarchs set the standards in their respective clans and make them comply with force, despite jeopardizing the freedom of its members. In that environment is where Reyyan and Miran fall in love, each belonging to one of the two families, making their love is dotted with grudges from the past.

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