'Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir  Summary of Episode 3 - Synopsis

Zeynep is deeply disappointed after meeting with the dark side of Mehdi. A life began to envelop her, from which she had been trying to escape for many years.
While Mehdi is trying to understand what is happening, Sakine, without thinking about the consequences, says one lie that opens a completely different door in the marriage of Zeynep. She again realizes that she and Mehdi absolutely do not know each other.
Farouk, feeling deceived, begins to take rash steps. He does not intend to so easily retreat from Zeynep.
Mehdi finds a way to get rid of distrust of Zeynep. However, an unexpectedly appeared photograph predicts that they will again have to face problems ...

Episode 3 will be aired on January 22 at 20.00  on TV8

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