Interview Demet Ozdemir for the newspaper Hürriyet

Demet Ozdemir: We laughed for 8 years, and I think it's time to cry

At the moment, Demet Ozdemir plays the role of Zeynep in the series "The house in which you were born is your destiny." On February 28th she will be with us as the hostess of the Pantene Golden Butterfly Award ceremony, which will be held at Zorlu PSM. We asked the key questions to the hostess of the evening to get to know her better. Look what she said ...

The series "The house in which you were born is your destiny" is your first dramatic project. Are you crying 24/7 on the set?
- (laughs) I cry and try to literally do this job. Besides, I can’t restrain myself. In my opinion, this is a great situation.

You say: "I miss those years when I laughed"?
-We laughed for 8 years, and I think it's time to cry. I feel good and safe. After the first series, you become even more discouraged when you see your world and the work done.

Your series is based on a real life story. How did you feel when you first read the script?
-In addition to the real life story, I was very influenced by the wounds and experiences of the girl, whose role I play in the series. There is a girl who did not belong to anyone. On the one hand, she is right, expecting to be received with love. I do not think that silence is helplessness. It requires love and rights. She could not live with her real parents, so she lacked love from her real parents.

The countdown to the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards ceremony began, where the most successful personalities in the television and music world will be awarded. This year you are the mistress of the ceremony. What do you feel?
- I am very excited about the fact that I am the mistress of the evening. This is a huge responsibility. In our culture, being the host of an evening is a very valuable and important position. Earlier, when I received the golden butterfly for the awards, I went on stage and said: "I was incredibly lucky that I was able to go on stage without falling." It is a wonderful feeling to be on this stage. Now I have neither fear nor panic. Butterflies fly inside me. I want you to know that I am really excited.

Have you already started preparing for the evening?
-As the hostess of the evening ceremony of awarding the most prestigious prize of Turkey, I am very proud and this is an important role. To deserve this important role, we have been working with our entire large team for a long time and are preparing an unexpected show that we believe will appeal to everyone who watches it. It really will be a show that I call "This Day is Mine." The Pantene Golden Butterfly Award is very valuable to me, so I want to be there in the best possible way. Like any woman, my mood rises when my hair looks good, and on such an evening my mood should be at its best! Therefore, we have created an intensive care schedule so that my hair best reflects my energy. Since I no longer neglect my hair care with Pantene products, I can easily get the desired look. Now we are trying to decide which hairstyle we will do. But rest assured, that evening I will show you once again that I am the ambassador of the Pantene brand.

What do you say about the Rising Stars awards you will receive on the day of the award ceremony? This year's stars: Alina Boz, Elijah Alishan and Ebru Shahin ...
“I follow all of them with love.” All of them are very energetic, have proven themselves in their work, they are the favorite actors of many people. I am very proud that I will be with them on such a special evening.

You have starred in the Pantene brand’s “This Day is Mine!” Concept. Could you tell us a little about this collaboration?
-As a person who has been using Pantene products for many years, I am very glad to work with the brand. When we met with the brand team, they shared very impressive results of research on women's hair. According to a study conducted by Pantene in 11 countries; women look more positive when their hair looks strong and healthy, and more believe in themselves and what they can do. Also in our new company with Pantene, we invite women to check what they can do with their hair and start their day by saying: "This day is mine!". The results of our work show us that we are on the right track. The positive feedback we received from the launch, our advertising campaign and our event in Baku, became a good proof of our DNA with the brand. We are working on powerful projects with the Pantene brand team for the upcoming period.

As in advertising, we always see you energetic and happy. What is the secret of this? What motivates you in life?
- The way I start my day is the most important factor affecting my mood on this day. That is, as they say: "As it begins, it continues," it is. It is very important for me to start my day well in the morning and leave the house happy. The secret of my energetic and happy image is to look at life positively and smile. This is what encourages me to believe in myself, to focus on what I can do, dream and even think that my dreams have come true. For all this, when I face a mirror in the morning, I must first be confident in my appearance. Then the energy is already beginning to come out of me, and I say to this woman who I see in the mirror: "You will do it." That is why I feel happier and more energetic when my hair looks good and is the best complement to my image. It all starts with my hair, and only when I look good for myself, I can say: "I am ready for everything that brings me the day."

For every woman, her hair is important. What does your hair mean to you?
- My hair is the easiest way to express myself outside. I am a very energetic person in my personal and business life, and it is very important for me to reflect this energy as correctly as possible. I always took care of my hair so that it always looked strong and bright, vibrant and reflected my energy. That's why I regularly perform procedures to have great hair that makes me feel great every day, and not just on special occasions. Because of my work, I pay special attention to hair, as my hair is subjected to intense exposure to ploes, hair dryers, etc. To make my hair look very good, I use special care that is easy to apply at home with Pantene products that I have been familiar with for many years. Products for my care are selected specifically for my hair type and their needs. I am sure that this is reflected in my energy, making me feel better.

I want to get to know our mistress better. Recently, there was news that you paid $ 4,000 so that information about your personal life was taken from around the Internet. It's true?
-Let me say that during this period of time money is not easy to earn ...

What annoys / annoys you?
- Disrespect, abuse of good intentions, and too many expectations. Being too generous is connected with love within people, but after a while I see that the opposite side takes this situation for granted. Seeing this as an obligation makes me sad and upset. It annoys me a little.

Are you angry with negative comments and criticism about you on social networks?
-I'm sadder when they write to others than to me. Despite everything, I am on my way and I am confident in myself. I don’t even see anything that could lower my motivation. There are certain people whom I listen to criticism. Nice to listen to them. Every time we hear criticism, we commit a great injustice to ourselves. But when it comes to others, I say: "How insulting it is ...".

Which person who criticizes you do you trust the most?
-Sister. She knows the "procedure" of criticism. Her words do not sound like criticism, but like the words of her older sister. Mom cannot criticize much, she is afraid that I will be offended and very upset.

Do you have any habits that we will not love when we find out?
-I'm in a hurry! I think that people are too slow, and I am too fast. I realized that I am hyperactive. I'm trying to suppress this.

What percentage of news about you is a lie?
- 95% of all news! I think that the faithful are the news that are related to my new project. What I know is a lie is enough to feel good.

Do you miss dancing?
- Unfortunately, dancing is still not possible regularly. I have many dancer friends. When I have a free day, I try to give them time and dance. Thank God there are dances in my life!

You have millions of subscribers. They follow your every step ...
-Really, there is such a thing as "grow together." When I was little, I heard pop artists, actors say: "We are like a family, they raised me!". It's nice that the girl who began to watch me at 11 years old is now 19 years old, and her interest has remained the same.

Interview Demet Ozdemir for the newspaper Hürriyet
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