Golden Butterfly Award Crisis

The ceremony was to be held on December 8, 2019, but was canceled and rescheduled indefinitely. It became known that the award will still take place on February 28.

The crisis erupted after Didem Arslan Yylmaz, Fatih Portakal, Irfan Deyirmendzhi and Erdogan Aktash and other famous people refused to participate in the award ceremony. The first speaker against this award was the well-known presenter and journalist Didem Arslan Yylmaz, who stated the following: “I am again on the list of nominees for the Golden Butterfly Award. However, for several years now, the choice of laureates has raised great questions. Talk that winners are always known in advance does not cease. Therefore, I do not want to receive such an award. I do not want to participate in this theater! ” Many famous people supported the journalist, stressing that everyone wants to receive honest awards, and not become part of the farce, as a result of which the Golden Butterfly is given into the hands of lay people and unworthy nominees.

 In addition, Irfan Deyirmendzhi also noted that he did not want to receive this award because of the title sponsor - Pantene: “Look for another character for your shampoo advertisement!”
In addition, the crisis was facilitated by the fact that the series “Personality”, which is notable for both the directorial work of Onur Saylak, and the script of Hakan Gundai, and the stunning acting play of Jansu Dere, Metin Akdyulger, Shebnem Bozoklu and, most importantly, Haluk Bilginer, who won the Emmy Award for this role, did not receive a single nomination from the Golden Butterfly! That year, the award for Best Actor went to Aras Bulut Yinemli again.
The criticism of the fact that the prize for the best musician in three categories was presented by singer Rainman, who attacked journalists, added fuel to the fire.

Finalists can be viewed by following this LINK


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