Can Yaman the soldier embraces his mother ..

The fans of Turkish actor Can Yaman used to know everything related to him, as he always published his photos on his social media platforms, but they missed that  since his statements began to cause controversy, and now he joins compulsory military service in Turkey.

 Several photos were leaked to him while he was in service while wearing the military uniform, but it seems that Yaman has returned to his activity, as he published a picture  wearing the military uniform and stood next his mother, embracing her, while his features appeared different in addition to his thinness, and commented on it Saying, "My beloved mom."

This image, published by Yaman, quickly spread like wildfire, as the Turkish actor's fans shared it under many phrases praising the prestige and beauty of their favorite star, to achieve more than half a million likes in less than 3 hours, while Turkish media re-published the pictures under the title " Image of Can Yaman in military attire detonates Instagram. "

Yaman's mother also attracted attention, especially after many of his followers considered her to be very young and  some thought she was his sister.

It is known that Yaman is currently performing compulsory military service, in which he is supposed to spend only 21 days benefiting from the material allowance service that reduces the period of compulsory service.

Yaman has spent two weeks now since joining his military unit in Izmir, which means his service is almost over.

It is noteworthy that can Yaman recently returned to Turkey after his visit to Brazil, to leave again and immediately after the end of his military service to Italy to participate in the "Survivors"program.

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