Can Yaman cuts his hair to go to the military
Can Yaman undertakes his 21-day military service and for this he has had to shave his long hair and beard.

Can Yaman military service

It was one of the most anticipated moments. Seeing Can Yaman with shaved hair to fulfill his military service generated great expectation among his admirers and even for himself; the fact of having to cut his long and attractive mane was something that caused him some respect: "The last time I shaved my hair was in high school, I'm curious how it will be and I hope my fans don't experience a great commotion." These were his words months ago when he learned that he would enter the ranks of his country's army as soon as the year 2020 began.

For now, we have been able to see it with this cut, which reminds us of his Ferit character in Dolunay, although his hair is much shorter and his beard has also been shaved. It is possible that when he enters military service, he will be shaved even more. As published a few days ago in social networks, it was going to be on January 6 the date of his entry into the army.

Interview with Can Yaman, Can Divit in ‘Erkenci Kus’

Since his visit to Spain last November and following all the commotion that formed around him including some criticisms that were poured into him in his country, Can has decided to stay out of public life and the press. Accustomed to knowing every step he took thanks to his publications on social networks where he shared all his movements with the public, after that trip there was silence around him. In fact, it was learned that he had been in Brazil, but no images were published. He was recently seen at the Istanbul airport, where he was going to take a flight to Romania to spend the end of the year. Asked by reporters, he said he was not going to give statements and was quite elusive.

Can Yaman: "I will donate my hair to people with cancer"
The Turk now undertakes this new adventure that involves fulfilling the obligations of his country and will be 21 days serving the homeland and away from public life and work, just as other colleagues by profession such as Aras Bulut İynemli have done. It is something that Turkish men born before January 1, 1994 have to do obligatorily, according to a law that was passed in Turkey recently, and that also establishes that this military service can be paid (about 2,500 euros) and thus receive Only training for three weeks. Previously they could pay more and avoid the obligation to comply.

During his last visit to Madrid, the actor revealed what he planned to do with his long hair when they cut it: "I have been offered to donate it for people with cancer and that is what I am going to do." In addition, he commented that: "It will be a good time to change style, I want to do it and also to create a new character with that new look that is as good as the previous ones."

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