Can Yaman, caught in the cafeteria of the barracks where he makes the military
The popular Turkish actor entered the Izmir barracks on January 6 and will have to stay there for three weeks to fulfill the obligation to do his military service.

Can Yaman military service
On January 6, the entry of the most popular of the Turkish actors, Can Yaman, took place in the army to fulfill his mandatory three-week military service. The place where it is destined is Izmir, an important city west of Anatolia, in the Aegean Sea, which is the second most important port in Turkey after Istanbul and the third Turkish city in number of inhabitants. Only a few days have passed and the first images of the gallant inside the barracks dressed as a soldier have already leaked.

In the photographs you can see a Can Yaman somewhat absent and serious, with short hair as in the last images that could be seen of him before he went to do the military, and well dressed in the military suit. As corpulent as always, the handsome protagonist of Pájaro dreamer and Dolunay, who is seen sitting at one of the tables in the canteen, stands next to his companions.

From the snapshot, captured with a mobile from another table, it would be said that he is only eating, while other companions beside him laugh and talk to each other. Other images have also been shared on social networks where you can see him in the queue to order his food, behind another rowmate.

It's going to be only 21 days what Can will happen inside the Izmir barracks and possibly make good friends among his teammates, as happened to another actor who had to do the mandatory mili like him, Aras Bulut İynemli, and who at saying goodbye was photographed with the group of colleagues with whom he made friends in the barracks. But at the moment it seems that Yaman is still integrating and possibly the fact of being so famous has its pros and cons in that environment.

All Turkish men who were born before January 1, 1994 must comply with this obligation, following a recent law passed in Turkey. Until that time, they could avoid doing it by paying an amount of money. But now it is mandatory, although they have the possibility of reducing it to only three weeks if they pay € 2,500 (less than what was paid before for not having to perform this service). During those 21 days, soldiers receive military training.

Thus, on January 21 Can Yaman will already be out of the barracks and will have fulfilled his duty towards the homeland. At the moment, it is unknown if he will then embark on the project that producer Faruk Turgur announced a few months ago that he had signed with the actor. Since the visit of the interpreter to Spain, our country does not stop talking about it; However, his movements have been more discreet than ever, as a result of the controversy that was generated in his country.

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