Çagatay Ulusoy begins his military service
The popular Turkish actor follows in the footsteps of other companions such as Can Yaman, who is now fulfilling his obligations as a soldier, or Aras Bulut İynemli, who did so last year.

Çagatay Ulusoy military service
The protagonist of Medcezir, Içerde and I named her Feriha joins the list of renowned Turkish actors who interrupt their daily and professional life for a few weeks to fulfill their military service. Çagatay Ulusoy put himself in the hands of his hairdresser last weekend to cut his hair and part of his beard in the face of his immediate enlistment at the Ankara barracks, where he must spend the mandatory 21-day mili. He coincides in this passage through the army with another of the most popular Turkish actors, Can Yaman, who entered the barracks on January 6.

The star of the successful Netflix series The protector put himself in the hands of his trusted hairdresser to give himself a first cut. Now we have seen him with a completely shaved beard, dressed in the soldier's suit and with a cap covering his head, next to one of his fellow barracks. Çagatay entered the military service yesterday, January 21.

Other Turkish actors dressed as soldiers
So far we have not only seen Can Yaman enlist in the army for this mandatory fulfillment, but also the one who played the brother of Ulusoy in Içerde, Aras Bulut İynemli, who was in military service last July taking advantage of a stop at Recordings of the popular Turkish series Çukur.

çagatay ulusoy mili
Like Aras, Can chose a calmer period at the professional level to join his military service, just after a tour that took him to Spain, as well as to other parts of Europe and Latin America. Now Çagatay has also taken advantage of the fact that he has finished recording the third season of The Protector, where he coincides with Taner Ölmez and Hazar Ergüclü, who were already with him in Medcezir.

Professional plans for Çagatay Ulusoy
The most international actor in Turkey - along with Can Yaman - has several planned projects, two series and others that he will write and direct. But until they materialize, he has preferred to choose this period to fulfill his obligations. Like his companions, it will be three weeks of military training, after paying a certain amount of money to reduce the time of recruitment. This is something that all Turkish men born before January 1, 1994 have to go through.

During these 21 days, Ulusoy will separate not only from his profession but also from his girlfriend, also actress Duygu Sarisin, whom we see with him in Içerde and who went to live with him a few months ago. In addition, he will leave aside other great hobbies that the actor has such as his horses.

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