Biography: Neslihan Atagul - Turkish actress

Neslihan Atagül Doğulu was born on August 20 in 1992 in Istanbul, graduated from Yeditepe University, where she studied acting. The growth of the beautiful Neslihan 1.68cm, green eyes, brown hair.
Neslihan has a mother in Belarus, and her father has Circassian roots. She wanted to become an actress as early as 8 years old. At 13, she went with her mom and signed up for the Erberk Agency advertising agency. A month later, Neslikhan was already starring in a commercial.
In 2006, Neslihan with the role of Denise in the series "Leaf Fall" made in the acting world. Also, in 2006, she played in the movie "First Love", along with such masters as Wahide Perchin and Cetin Tekindor. For this role, Neslihan received the Budding Actress Award at the Altın Koza Film Festivali.
In 2011, Neslihan played in the series of Makhsum Kirmyzygul “Life goes on”.
In 2012, Neslihan delighted the audience with her play in the film "Purgatory." For this role, she received the prestigious award "Best Actress of the Present and the Future" at the Tomorrow Film Festival held in Moscow.
In 2013, Neslihan played in the TV series “Two Faces of Istanbul,” where on the set she got into a relationship with her future husband. On July 8, 2016, Neslihan married Kadir Dogulu.
In 2015, she starred in the movie "All That Remains of You" with Ekin Koch.
Also, in 2015, Neslihan began acting in the series “Black Love” with Burak Ozcivit. The series received the prestigious Emmy Award in the Best Telenovela category, as well as the Seoul award in the Best Drama Series category.
In 2018, she starred in the web series "The Bottom" along with Ilker Kaleli.
In 2016, Neslihan became the face of Pantene. Filmed in commercials: Puma, Polaroid Eyewear Türkiye.

TV shows with Neslikhan Atagul:
Ambassador's daughter / Sefirin Kızı - Narae (2019)
Bottom / Dip - Bilge (2018)
Black Love / Kara Sevda - Nihan (2015)
Two faces of Istanbul / Fatih-Harbiye - Neriman (2013)
My heart chose you / Kalbim Seni Seçti - Melis (2011)
Life Goes On / Hayat Devam Ediyor - Shirin (2011-2012)
Canım Babam / Dear Father - Pynar (2011)
Leaf Fall / Yaprak Dökümü - Denise (2006)

All That Remains of You / Senden Bana Kalan - Elif (2015)
Purgatory / Araf - Zehra (2012)
First Love / İlk Aşk - Bahar (2006)

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