Biography: Jeren Yilmaz / Ceren Yilmaz - Turkish actress

Name: Jeren Yılmaz / Ceren Yılmaz
Date of birth: 06/03/1991
Weight: 52 kg.
Height: 173 cm.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: brown hair

Jeren Yilmaz was born on June 3, 1991 in Samsun. She has two older sisters.
One of the sisters is a civil engineer, another is a policeman.
Jeren participated in the beauty contest Miss Turkey 2012
First appeared on the screen in the series "Escaping the Rain" in 2013, but this project did not last long on the screen, after 8 episodes it was closed.
The next project was participation in the historical political detective "The Great Detective Filint", from 2014-2015 she played the role of Hatice.
In 2017, she starred in the TV series “Crazy Heart” as Shule, but this project was also closed for episode 9 due to low ratings.
In 2019, she starred in the horror film Three-Letter: Vow.
At the beginning of 2020, she began filming the new series Phoenix Bird, in this project she will play the main role for the first time. Alren Navruz became a partner of Jeren.

TV series Jeren Yilmaz:
Escaping the Rain / Yagmurdan Kacarken - (2013)
The Great Detective Filinta: Bir Osmanlı - Hatice (2014-2015)
Crazy Heart / Deli gönül - Chule (2017)
Bird Phoenix / Zümrüdü Anka - (2020)

Three-Letter: Vow / Üç Harfliler: Adak - (2019)

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