Beren Saat triumphs with 'The gift', her new Netflix series
The successful Turkish actress, protagonist of Fatmagül and Prohibited Love, has been awarded the Stars of the Year Honor Award for her work in this series and for her recognized career.

beren saat award of honor stars istanbul
Success does not cease for the remembered Fatmagül and suffered Bihter of forbidden Love. Just released its new series, The gift (Atiye, in its original title), the second Turkish production for the Netflix platform, on December 27, is already one of the most viewed worldwide and one of the most commented Worldwide. In addition, it was the most followed on Netflix Turkey only three days after its premiere.

Beren Saat and Mehmet Günsür Atiye

For this triumph and for the entire stellar career of the Turkish charismatic, on January 9 she was awarded the Honor Award at the Altınyıldız Stars of the Year, which celebrated its 18th edition this year at the Davutpaşa Campus of the Technical University of Yıldız . This award is the result of the votes of the students, so Beren dedicated his award to them: "This award is dedicated to the struggle for the honor of the students of the University of Istanbul." The mention referred to a loss of rights recently suffered by Turkish university students, who have been withdrawn from a food subsidy to eat on campus.

Other winners at this gala were Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as `` Most Admired Actor of 2019 '' and Serenay Sarıkaya as `` Most Admired Theater Actress of 2019 '' and by Alice Müzikali as `` Best Musical ''. Last year, one of the recognized ones was precisely Beren Saat's husband, singer Kenan Doğulu, who recently said he was very proud of his wife's work in The gift.

Beren, happy and proud of her work at The gift
The new series of Beren Saat, which stars alongside Mehmet Günsür and Metin Akdülger - Orkun in Medcezir-, and which was officially presented on December 17 at a gala in style, tells the story of a painter who suddenly It is surrounded by secrets of the past linked to the oldest temple on earth, Göbeklitepe. Gradually and with the help of archaeologist Erhan (Mehmet Günsür), he will discover his own powers away from his quiet family life and his boyfriend, Ozan (Metin Akdülger), an immature son of a rich and powerful businessman who is not able to control their impulses or manage their love for Atiye.

Saat, who was recently interviewed in a Turkish magazine, confesses that: "The gift is a story unlike any other I have done before and I wanted to experience what she experienced in parallel with Atiye." In addition, he acknowledges that recording in Göbeklitepe was something very special: "He received us with an extraordinary color scale."

Throughout the interview, Beren also talks about her marriage to Kenan Doğulu, whom she married in July 2014, and with whom, despite having lived through a crisis, she does not regret being united. "The definition of marriage has to change in this century; we are a generation between analog and digital and now it is better to be a free individual than a couple," he said, concluding that he would like to experience motherhood but sees many children

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