BABYLON / BABIL - BABIL  Summary of Episode 2 - Synopsis

Babylon / Babil - 2 series, description and photo

Irfan is forced to take a dangerous step to protect his family, and he again encounters Sulayman. He declares that if Irfan does not return him 20 million, he will pay bitterly. Irfan takes his wife and son out of the city until he deals with the problems.
When Aisha unexpectedly encounters Irfan, she must make an important decision. Will she give Irfan?
On the one hand, Sulayman deals with Irfan, and on the other hand, he fires a bullet in the war in Kudret over Ely.
As Denise’s time shrinks, the very dangerous game of Irfan and Egemen begins, which will change the lives of everyone they touch.

Episode 2 will be aired on January 24 at 20:00 on Star TV

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