The famous actress Asle Enver after filming in the "Istanbul Bride", where she played the role of Sureya, went on vacation. At the beginning of 2020, she revealed some details of her new projects to subscribers.
For starters, Enver is currently starring in the series Babylon as Ayse. Her fans were upset that Ayse is the secretary of the head of the mafia clan. However, in the trailer for the 3 series there were indications that this girl may not be what she seems.

Ayse surprised everyone with the fact that she managed to get rid of her pursuer by the masterly techniques of hand-to-hand combat. The suggestion that Ayse may in general turn out to be an undercover cop inspired the fans of the actress.

Asle Enver often delights her subscribers with new publications. Thus, she announced that on January 31 there will be an advertising video with her participation. Photos from this video quite surprised everyone. Fighting figures in the background and dressing up the main character look very promising. No other details yet.

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