Are Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Mehtap Algyul dating?

Six months ago, the attractive actor divorced the mother of his daughter Ada, the actress Melis İşiten, after five years of marriage. However, there are rumors that his heart is no longer free again, and that he is in a relationship with the star of social networks Mehtap Algyul. According to the news from the Takvim newspaper, the friendship that linked Mehtap and Uraza grew into love. Although it is noteworthy, they are not even subscribed to each other on social networks! But all the rumors were strengthened after Mehtap Algyul shared the rapper Ezhel’s song “Savti, would you look at me!”, And the actor wrote her an answer: “Savti, will you be with me tonight?”.
Yesterday, after the gala premiere of the film "War of the Daughters-in-Law", Uraz Kaygilaroglu, who plays the main role in it, preferred not to answer journalists' questions about Mehtap. Leaving unanswered questions about the new novel, the actor got into the waiting car and drove away.
By the way, the costume of Uraz Kailaraoglu was actively discussed on social networks, someone found it very stylish, but someone did not like it.

Are Uraz Kaygilaroglu and Mehtap Algyul dating?

Uraz Kaygilaroglu's instruction to his daughter!

The star of the series “Ambassador's Daughter” published a photo on social networks with her daughter Ada, which was accompanied by funny advice that made the actor’s fans laugh: “Stay away from the clubs, daughter!”
In response, his ex-wife Melis Isiten wrote under a post: “You are an ideal father!”
After the divorce, the former spouses remained on friendly terms.

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