Beren Saat has no plastic operation on her face ... She also wanted to participate in the Atiye series with her natural form in Beren Saat, the main actress of the Atiye series, who will meet with the public on December 27 on Netflix, attracted  everyone's attention The show aroused curiosity. Beren Saat was also widely commented on social networks.

Her return to the series, as well as the state of her face, were much discussed. Social network users frequently ask : What happened to Beren Saat's face? ...

So what happened to the famous actress's face?

Beren Saat did not accept the effects of special light on the Wrinkles and  the lines of the face . She had no makeup in many scenes. That's why her face looked different. As you know, Beren Saat has no plastic operation on her face. ”Turkish media  explained the details of this situation.

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