For the sake of their daughter Nare and Sancar declare a truce!

After the ambassador took Melek , Sancar and Nare went after them to Podgorica, Montenegro. Now they find themselves in a completely different world, and for the sake of their daughter, they announce a truce, and steal one night and day of fate. On the one hand, this journey resembles a dream of being together, and a nightmare when they search for their daughter. On the one hand, there are memories they cannot escape, and on the other hand, there are various facts that appear on the surface; but more importantly, it is the adventure in which each of them fights himself.

Gediz, a person who left behind in another world, is now facing the reality of his heart's feelings, then there are Menekşe who cannot even continue to think about two loving people alone in another world
, So hes decided to change my game plan.
Sancar wakes up from his dream, and in order to extinguish the burning love he feels inside his heart, he burns himself and Nare.
The epic has just begun

New episode air's on  Monday, December 30 at 20:00 on StarTV

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