Ibrahim Çelikkol and his wife Mihre Mutlu become parents
The actor Ibrahim Çelikkol, who is about to release a new series with Demet Özdemir, saw the birth of his first son, Ali, on December 5

In full professional heyday, with a series about to premiere alongside another great Turkish artist, Demet Özdemir, and a recently completed film, the handsome Turkish Ibrahim Çelikkol has just lived the happiest moment of his life on a personal level, the birth of His first son, Ali. It was on December 5 and both the little boy and the mother were at all times in good condition, after a long delivery, according to the Instagram of the gynecologist himself who attended Mihre Mutlu, Furkan Kayabaşoğlu.

Like everything the couple has shared  the birth of their baby, this time the birth announcement has also been surrounded by originality. A screen with the mother's heartbeat and pulsations and accompanied by the phrase "I wonder if it will come tonight", some baby's hands or a table full of canapés perfectly adorned with a large A, among other things, and a picture with the name of Ali, they have been some of the images that have been shared in the social networks on the occasion of the birth.

When they announced the good news they already did it in a different way than usual: with an image that read "+1" written on a marker. Later the couple shared beautiful snapshots where Mihre's already prominent belly was seen, and even a video where she wore a T-shirt with the name of Ali at belly level. It is the original way of this popular couple to share with their people and their followers the important news that surrounds them.

The professional success of Ibrahim Çelikkol

 while the baby arrives at the Celikkol Mutlu family, the renowned actor records the first chapters of the new series that will premiere very soon the Turkish TV8  and that has generated great expectation for the also popular actress who accompanies him, Demet Özdemir The series, which initially bore the title of Evim (My home) and has been changed to Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir (I was born at home), will begin airing in January 2020 and its first video has already been presented. In it, Demet appears alone in his role as Zeynep with a great dramatic interpretation where she wonders if man can change her destiny.

Produced by OGM Pictures and directed by Çağrı Bayrak, it is inspired by the story of Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu and the book Camdaki kiz (The Window Girl), which tells the heroic story of two girls, Nalan and Zeynep. Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir recounts the first part, which focuses on the life of Zeynep, a 27-year-old girl who lives with her mother and sister and works days and nights to give a good life to her family and will live a relationship with someone surrounded by dangers, Mehdi, the character of Celikkol.

Among the rest of the cast, it has been recently known that Kaan Tasaner (Fatmagül and Kuzey Güney) refused to participate and Engin Hepileri has been incorporated instead.

In addition, Ibrahim has embarked on a film, Mest i ask (Intoxicated by love), which will also be released in 2020 with other great faces of television such as Bensu Soral (Içerde) and Hande Erçel, who stars in the new Azize series together to Bugra Gülsoy (Fatmagül and Kuzey Güney). It is an ambitious Iranian Turkish production about a historical figure, Celalettin Muhammand Belhi, known as Rumi and also as Mevlana, and his path to wisdom. Çelikkol plays Commander Iskender and his characterization for battle scenes has lasted up to five hours.

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