Hercai, Pit, Forbidden Apple, Miracle Doctor...... The nightmare of fans began!

 - January has arrived ... Next week we will experience the first days of 2020 after the New Year.
When the audience arrives in January the nightmare begins, the series is experiencing serious difficulties due to the lack of new episodes in the first 2-3 weeks.

Not being able to watch the productions they are accustomed to every week and waiting for the results of mind-boggling question marks is an agony for the audience. Another January came and again took a break . In the last week of December, even the new episodes of the series did not appear.

 when the new episodes start?

 Due to the adjustment of their advertising budget in January, the company incomes decreasing, television channels do not broadcast  new episodes of the series.

The channels that keep waiting for the cost of new episodes and make a profit, also upset the audience but the players and the staff are pleased.Because it gives them a good time to breathe and regain their energy.

TRT1 series will appear on the screen in 2 weeks, even  in the first week of January.
Hercai will take a 2-week break and is expected to start around 17 January.
For Forbidden Apple, Pit, Miracle Doctor, Cruel Istanbul, Child, Woman, , the House where you were born is Destiny, Hekimoğlu, Azize, Pigeon etc.  you'll have to wait at least 2 weeks for new episodes of TV series broadcasted on private channels.

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