The Turkish press is keen on  Can Yaman and his latest statements about his colleagues. Meanwhile, journalists assure that the actor will not return to Turkey before the new year, when he will have to serve in the military.

Currently, the actor is in Brazil and prefers to stay away from the media, but at the same time he communicates with his Brazilian fans. According to the latest news, the actor will leave Turkey again after the military service to join the Italian TV survivor program, and he will return to his homeland Turkey in  Autumn, waiting for work in his new series, which will be produced by the same producer of the Erkenci Kus. Faruk Turgut.

It is reported that many rumors determined the fate of this series and stated that the series had been canceled, but the producer postponed to September, and the most difficult thing for the producer was finding the right partner for Can Yaman.

According to the claims of the Turkish media, the actress Pinar Deniz has refused to work in the series with Can Yaman after his recent statements about the libido . The latter played a role in her abandonment of the series, adding that she did not sign any contract with the producer, but was offered the scenario and did not like the second episode.

Turkish actors are known to keep away from answering questions concerning their colleagues, but this is not the case with Can Yaman, who has been criticized by many of his colleagues. He has even become publicly ridiculed of him on Turkish TV programs.

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