Farhiye Evcen poses with her son, Karan, on social media
The baby of the Turkish actor Burak Özçivit and his wife, Karan, was born on April 14 and until now no photograph of the child had been seen.

Farhiye Evcen presents son Burak Ozcivit
With a great resemblance to his father, Karan looks at the camera calmly as if he was already used to it. He also laughs happily at his mother, actress Farhiye Evcen. These are the photographs that Burak Özçivit's wife, the remembered protagonist of Eternal Love (Kara sevda), has shared on social networks to present to her baby, who was born on April 14. Since then we had no chance to meet the first offspring of one of the most popular Turkish actors of the moment.

The couple informed through their Instagram of the important events surrounding the pregnancy, such as the moment of knowing that it would be a boy or the decision to call him Karan, which means hero, brave and dark, and of course the birth. However, after then, we had only seen an image of the baby's feet to illustrate Farhiye's Mother's Day, or some stolen photographs where Karan's face was not appreciated, during the summer vacation of the very popular actors.

Showing her eagerness to share with his millions of followers relevant moments of her life, now Farhiye, who is dumped in her baby waiting to be able to return to work, has decided to publish these tender photographs and has accompanied them with the phrase " Karan, the captain of the spaceship. " While she takes care of the child, the beautiful actress does not lose the opportunity to participate in an advertising campaign or sporadic work.

On the other hand, Burak Özçivit began recording in November the ambitious historical series Dirilis Osman (Resurrection), which is already being broadcast on the Turkish channel ATV and has reached number 1 of the most watched series in Turkey since its premiere. Farhiye has not stopped visiting her husband for a single day on the set of filming where she took little Karan to see her father.

In the series you can see the popular actor with a long dark mane, which is captivating all his admirers, in the role of Sultan Diriliş Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire and successor to his father Ertuğrul after his death. For that character, Burak has had to prepare for a year in the handling of the sword, in fighting and in riding. This is the second season of the historical series Resurrection, whose first part Dirilis Ertugrul reaped great success in Turkey and abroad.

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