Engin Akyürek and Neslihan Atagül premiere 'The ambassador's daughter'
The new series of the protagonists of Fatmagül and Eternal Love arrives on the Turkish screens next Monday, December 16 surrounded by great expectation

It is one of the Turkish television couples that has caused more excitement lately when it is known that they will star in a new series together. Seeing admired Engin Akyürek and the beautiful  Neslihan Atagül forming a television tandem has generated great curiosity and their followers are wishing See the effect of their love on the screen.

And that will happen very soon. In fact, next Monday, December 16, the first chapter of Sefirin Kizi (The ambassador's daughter), which began recording only a month and a half ago, is already being broadcast. It can be seen on the StarTv screen. It is an epic love story that will have the Aegean Sea in the background and the colorful region of Mugla, as one of the scenarios, while other scenes will be shot in Istanbul, Montenegro and Bodrum.

An impossible love
Neslihan plays Nare, the ambassador's daughter, a warrior woman, dedicated and intelligent, a straight person who does what she thinks. For his part, Engin is Sancar Efe, the son of an employee who, over the years, will become a very rich man. Wrathful, keep secrets, anger and pain, which are complemented by passion, love and joy. The remembered Kerim Ilgaz of Fatmagül and Ömer of Smuggling Love, wears a more classic image here, although as it has been known, Sancar will exhibit different looks  as a result of the great change he is suffering over the years.

Nare and Sancar have known each other since they were children but they realize that their love is impossible because of family differences. Thus, one day they decide to flee but the girl disappears and will not reappear until several years later when he is about to marry another woman turned into a wealthy man. In those years, Nare has clung to her daughter, burying her pain for the impossible love with Sancar and becoming a great Amazon.

Among the rest of the cast is Tülin Yazkan , who plays Menekse, the woman who is going to marry Sancar; Erhan Alpay, in the skin of Akin, the man with whom Nare grew up in the same house; and Uraz Kaygilaroglu , like Gediz, son of one of the oldest families in Mugla and partner of Sancar.

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