Demet Özdemir, image of a well-known brand of shampoo
While she is about to release her new series with Ibrahim Çelikkol, the protagonist of Dreamy Bird becomes Pantene Turkey's new image.

The followers of Demet Özdemir eagerly await the trailer of the new series of the successful actress, Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir, who stars alongside Ibrahim Çelikkol  and in the meantime she embarks on a new advertising challenge. It is not the first time that the sweet and funny Sanem of Erkenci Kus has opted for ads; In fact, only a few days ago she participated in a Nike campaign. Now it becomes the new image of the renowned brand of Pantene shampoos.

Many of the most popular actresses in the world are chosen to lead campaigns of this international firm. In Turkey, other television majors such as Tuba Büyüküstün or Neslihan Atagül have been chosen to be the prototype of a beautiful mane. Now it's time for Demet, who also, on that occasion, has become the cover of L'officiel Türkiye magazine, to which she has granted a full interview.

In it, Demet talks about her new project, Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir, with which she feels really "excited" and that is a major change of record, going from comedy to drama: "It's very special for me because it's a real story. While reading the script, knowing that my character Zeynep really existed and that the scenes were really lived, I adapted even more to the project. I hope it goes very well, that people love it and certainly occupies a very important place to me".

The actress takes stock of the year 2019 of which she says that "it has been a very beautiful and special year", in which she has "reaped the fruits". She values ​​it as the year in which she has been able to collect the result of her efforts: "dreams and wishes came true, it was a year in which I had a lot of fun and in which I understood that I have a long journey ahead to keep dreaming. "

By 2020 his requests are: "a healthy life with my family, that is a year of health and happiness, and if it brings unhappiness to teach me good lessons". Demet says: "Every two years I hope that my dreams come true and I have very beautiful hopes and desires."

Coinciding with a moment of great importance in the fight for the environment, Demet Özdemir also spoke about it in this interview: "I do everything I can. I feed my soul and take care of the environment. First I try to find ways to make myself happy, to increase my self motivation and the happier I feel inside me the more my concern, respect and love for my environment increases. "

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