Can Yaman continues to visit the countries where he triumphs
He could be in Brazil to continue in other Latin American countries, as announced in the summer, while a controversy against him has been unleashed in his country.

Can YamanTelecinco
After his overwhelming visit to Spain, the acclaimed Can Yaman is now continuing his tour of Latin America, where he already announced in summer that he would travel after his time in Europe. He is undoubtedly one of the deepest Turkish actors among the public of all those countries where his two most popular novels, Erkenci Kus and Dolunay, have been broadcast, and to this he has contributed not only his performance and his appeal but also the intense campaign to publicize and approach the public of these places.

It started in Italy and Greece this summer, continued through Cannes (France) and the highest expectations broke out in Madrid two weeks ago. Can was followed by hundreds of fans in Spain, both at the airport and at his hotel, and his participation in the Telecinco program See You Again, became one of the most watched. Social networks have not stopped vibrating with every movement of the Turkish heartthrob.

However, after visiting Spain, his steps are becoming much more discreet and less public. In fact, his arrival in Brazil has been a mystery and, at first, only Rede Globo, the largest television channel in that country, has hinted that he could be in the country, apparently in a municipality called Guararema. Nothing else has transcended Can's visit to Latin America, contrary to his previous trips, where fans were at all times aware of his arrival, movements and departures, as his own artistic representation agency and he himself were responsible for disseminating it Through the networks.

Can Yaman, controversy in his country
This characteristic of Yaman is one of the ones that has most captivated his followers and admirers, since it is rare for a popular actor to approach his fans with such affection and kindness and dedicate his time to photographing with them and signing autographs. However, in his country that way of behaving so applauded has not been well seen and has received more criticism than praise.

It all began on his return from Madrid, when the Turkish press began to imply that he had paid the people concentrated at the airport to receive him in the enthusiastic and expectant way as they did. Later, it was published that the Turkish producers would have bothered to see their proximity to Pilar Bardem and his son, Javier. The president of the AISGE (entity that manages in Spain the intellectual property rights of the actors, benders, dancers, directors ...) invited him to a meeting and that would have raised discomfort because in Turkey it is not seen with good eyes that the actors charge for copyright when their works are broadcast abroad, as in Spain. Producers would be the most affected in that sense, since in the Ottoman country they do perceive that concept but not the artists.

His public meeting at the AISGE Awards with Javier Bardem ignited these criticisms even more, since it is feared that Yaman wants to export the idea of ​​that defense of copyright for artists. It has been published that the actor would be thinking of creating an AISGE in Istanbul.

The project with Faruk Turgut
It has also been stated in several Turkish media that producer Faruk Turgut, with whom Can Yaman would have signed his next project, would have decided to cancel it for that reason. However, other media have rated this news from fake news because the producer would only have to delay it to September. "Can is away from mentalizing for military service," is everything Turgur has said.

So, whether the news is true or false, there is no doubt that the dreamer Bird's heartthrob has become a target and center of attention, whether it is even

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